Double-sided Curl Towel
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Experience the ultimate care for your curls with our Double-Sided Curl Towel. One side is made of ultra-soft bamboo fibers and the other side is made of absorbent cotton.

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About the product

Not only does our Double-Sided Curl Towel cater to different drying needs, but it also respects the health of your hair.

The bamboo side is a revelation for those with delicate, prone-to-frizz curls. It gently dries your hair while preserving the natural curl pattern and minimizing frizz, thanks to its smooth and hypoallergenic properties. It’s the perfect choice for enhancing the definition and bounce of your curls without the harshness often associated with regular towels.

Flip to the cotton side when you're in a hurry and need quicker drying. This side absorbs more moisture rapidly, making it ideal for those days when time is of the essence. It’s also perfect for giving your curls a bit of pre-styling body without compromising their natural pattern.

This is all you need to know about the Double-Sided Curl Towel:

  • Use to scrunch

  • Use to plop

  • Use to scrunch out the crunch of gel cast

  • Cotton side for quick drying and styling

  • Bamboo side to minimalize frizz

  • Bamboo side to maintain natural curl shape by removing excess moisture gently

  • For all hair types


One side 100% cotton
Other side 80% bamboo, 20% recycled polyester




Cotton side

Use for quick drying:
Ideal for quicker drying without heat. Suitable for hair that's not prone to dryness or damage.

Perfect for quick styling:
After drying, apply styling products and shape your hair with ease, aiming for volume.

Bamboo side

Ultra-gentle drying:
Best for reducing frizz and minimizing breakage, especially in dry, damaged or frizzy hair.

Maintains natural curl shape by removing excess moisture gently, keeping curls defined and bouncy.

Alternate between sides based on your hair's condition and the desired level of moisture. 

Care instructions

Washing temperature: Machine wash your towel separately or with similar colors on a gentle cycle, using cold water (30°C/86°F) to preserve the fibers and prevent shrinkage.

Detergent: Use a mild, liquid detergent to keep the fabric soft and maintain its absorbency. Avoid bleach as it can damage the fibers and fade the colors.

Fabric softeners: Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. These products can coat the fibers, reducing the towel's natural absorbency and softness over time.

Drying: Do not use the dryer. Instead, air dry your towel by laying it flat or hanging it in a well-ventilated area. Direct sunlight can naturally disinfect the towel, but excessive exposure may lead to fading, so opt for a shaded area when possible.

Ironing: Ironing is not recommended. The natural fibers of bamboo and cotton are designed to be soft and fluffy without the need for ironing. If necessary, use a low heat setting, but be mindful to avoid direct heat on the bamboo side as it is more delicate.

Storage: Once completely dry, fold and store your towel in a cool, dry place until next use. Avoid storing it in damp or humid areas.


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